Master Thesis

The impact of co-creation on a digital health start up’s business model: A case study in the healthcare context

My Master Thesis was part of a real-life project, called WILLE. This refers to Wireless Lab Environment for Business and its intention is to create a service co-creation platform that enables the co-design of wireless digital services for hospital environment by researchers, the industry and the healthcare professionals without forgetting the end-users.

This project will support the development of innovative service concepts for future hospitals. The service co-design with patients and professionals in an almost one to one simulated digital children’s hospital itself is a unique offering and demands close collaboration between different parties in the business ecosystem. My research area is on the startups and their business models.

The link to the final project is HERE.

Digitals by Jasmiina

Digitals by Jasmiina is my very own website targeted towards new entrepreneurs. I’m designing small websites on WordPress mainly with the Flatsome theme.

I’ve created all visuals (logo, colors, fonts), content and functionalities for this site.

Depending on the client’s needs I can create the website, visuals and content. The service packages include mobile responsive site, social media links, Google My Business account, visuals matching the brand, SEO for content, Google Analytics, educating the client about WordPress.

You can take a look at the site, HERE.

My newest WordPress project can be found, HERE.

Few examples of leaflets and booklets can be found, HERE.

Passport Goals

This site features everything travel-related. I’ve created all visuals (logo, colors, fonts), content and functionalities for this site. I’ve also taken all the photographs and filmed and edited the videos. Two of my most popular blog posts have gathered over 200 visitors each. They are the following.


I’m really interested in making videos and my most popular video on YouTube has gathered over 1.3K views. You can find it below.

  • 1.3K views on the most popular YouTube video
  • 100K monthly unique viewers
  • 4.3K organic reach on the most popular post on Facebook
  • Two of the most popular blog posts have over 200 visitors each
  • Social media following on Facebook 300 and on instagram over 500
  • Instagram engagement rate 26% (industry standard 1-2%)

Informational health site

Dr.Seb is a website providing all kinds of health-related advice to its readers.

I was managing a team of 10 international digital marketing interns. We built a website that now ranks on the first page in Google organically with several competitive keywords in multiple languages. I’ve read almost all the pages on the site, edited and helped to write them.

I also designed the visuals for the site and worked with a team of developers to bring all functionalities to life.

You can find content examples as well as proof of search rankings (examples regarding the Finnish market), HERE.

  • Building a 7-language website (WordPress) with hundreds of content pages
  • Creating the sitemap
  • Growing traffic steadily from 0 visitors to 2000 a day in 10 months
  • Reaching 50 000 visitors a month in less than a year
  • Ranking on the first page in Google organically in several languages with multiple competitive keywords

Jasmiina led and supervised me during my internship in Ennovation House, and it was a distinct pleasure to have her as my senior. She is extremely competent, professional and always puts you on the right track no matter the challenge. A very reliable and qualified manager whom I would gladly work with in the future.

Emil Storgaard

Jasmiina is very flexible and understanding, but able to put things under control. Her management and people skills are outstanding, and thanks to her efforts, we saw a lot of improvement in what it was like to work at Ennovation House. I’m thankful for everything that I learned from Jasmiina, including social media strategies and SEO, which she is very competent in. Overall, she is a manager who is easy to approach and treats everyone equally. Anyone who gets to work with her should consider themselves lucky

Lilja Orelma

E-commerce sites (Scandinavian design furniture)

These website projects were all about Scandinavian design furniture. At the time, I started my role as a content writer and after designing the visuals for one of these websites, I was able to showcase my potential and got promoted. I started to work with developers on website design processes and also more with WordPress.

The company operated several sites selling products all over Europe and the US. I have written similar content as blog posts, product descriptions and worked together with designers on creating the look.

You can find examples, HERE.


AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization. It provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and volunteer experiences. All projects tackle at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Purpose: Peace and fulfilment of human kind’s potential

I found AIESEC when I started my Master studies. I resonated with their vision and multicultural environment. I was actively involved for over three years and worked my way up from a local Team Leader -> local Vice President -> International Consultant -> National Vice President.

Examples of my visual work can be found, HERE.

Team Leader of Outgoing Exchanges – AIESEC in Oulu, Finland

  • Lead a diverse team of 4 people 
  • Organised weekly team meetings
  • Created marketing material
  • Participated in local conferences

Vice President of Outgoing Exchanges – AIESEC in Oulu, Finland

  • Lead a diverse team of 10 people
  • Organised weekly team meetings 
  • Organised multiple local conferences with 20 participants each
  • Developed partnerships with stakeholders (schools, governmental offices, university)
  • Public speaking in many events
  • Received 4 national awards as a team/ committee from outstanding performance

National Exchange Consultant – AIESEC in Norway

  • Worked with the national team offering guidance based on our previous experience and performance
  • Organised 2 conferences for 20 people each
  • Participated in an International Congress in Bulgaria
  • Created educational and promotional material

Head of Marketing & Exchange Operations – AIESEC in Finland

  • Lead 7 multicultural units across Finland (altogether around 60 members)
  • Maintained webpage 
  • Created promotional material
  • Managed AIESEC in Finland Facebook channel of 13K likes
  • Managed AIESEC in Finland Instagram channel of over 2000 followers
  • Established several partnerships with host countries
  • Kickstarted content creation culture by gathering material from members and exchange participants
  • Organised 4 national conferences with over 120 members
  • Participated in international conferences in Poland, Slovakia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Received Electrolux Excellence award as AIESEC in Finland in Poland

I worked with Jasmiina for two years. First in the Oulu region and later on in the national level. She was responsible of marketing and our outgoing exchange operation. Jasmiina is highly skilled person. The qualities I liked about her the most were caring, striving for better and creativity. Throughout our working together, she was able to generate results and take the organisation closer to its goals. Practical skills that Jasmiina posses are marketing, digital marketing, branding, SEO, management and leadership, Social media, Website creation and management, content creation and so on. I highly recommend Jasmiina for any role she pursues! For more information don’t hesitate to contact me!

Antti Randell

I had the opportunity to work with Jasmiina in 2016/2017 when I was the Marketing Director of AIESEC in Norway and she was the Marketing Director of AIESEC in Finland. I met Jasmiina in a conference in Poland, but we kept in touch throughout the year that we worked together. Since Jasmiina had lived in Norway before, she was always willing to help whenever I had some questions about Norwegian and the Nordic market and she was always open to suggestions when we worked on a project together. She is a young and decisive woman. She is really knowledgeable and caring with no time to waste, which makes her a great person to work with since she knows where she is going and if she does not know something she always finds out how she learn it and who can help her to learn it fast. For all those reasons mentioned above I highly recommend Jasmiina for any projects and endeavours she seeks in the future.

Marienne Pires

I worked together with Jasmiina during one year as a part of the national team of AIESEC in Finland. Jasmiina is a great team player and she cares a lot about the team as a whole, their wellbeing as well as results. She is someone you can turn to when you need advice or a second opinion. Jasmiina always finished her tasks with precision and high quality. She helped turn around the whole digital marketing of AIESEC in Finland by changing it from English to Finnish in a very short time period. She also tackled challenges related to merging numerous Facebook pages into one, a job that required change management skills. One thing I really admire about Jasmiina is her passion for making the world a better place. She is very purpose oriented and isn’t afraid to work towards her goals.

Aleksandra Byskata

I worked with Jasmiina for over 2 years. The first role she was my team leader for about 5 months, the next was for a year as a team member in the AIESEC local branch in Oulu and finally in an indirect way she was in the national team while I remained in the local branch. When we worked together it was an enjoyable and pleasant experience. Jasmiina has skills in networking, working in a diverse team, teamwork, and leading teams. She is a lot of fun to work with and is always striving for excellence in everything that she does. She is someone who is always coming up with creative ideas and she does not want to remain in a box. She is always challenging herself to become a better individual in her work. I would highly recommend her in any role she is pursuing. She is a worthwhile asset to be part of any organization.

Andrew Mathe

I met Jasmiina when we were both working for AIESEC in Finland. Jasmiina is a team player with great set of skills when it comes to both working with people and navigating in the marketing maze. Her purpose-driven standpoint together with adventurous spirit were features I witnessed in her daily work. The mentioned skills and qualities were highly valuable in a situation where she took the lead with marketing of AIESEC in Finland – an opportunity she tapped into and utilized to boost organization’s marketing approach. I still remember Jasmiina’s great initiatives (many carried out successfully, while some got buried six feet deep), and as a treasurer of the organization, I especially enjoyed our discussions regarding both resources and the impact of those projects. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with her and I am sure her amicable nature and confidence will help her go a long way.

Niko Silonsaari

Child’s Heart

Marketing Volunteer in Athens Greece

During the summer 2015, I volunteered in Athens for a foundation called Child’s Heart. It is a nonprofit organisation that protects, informs and helps children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

During my time there, the Greece dept crisis was at its worst. Companies, foundations and individuals were struggling. Thus, I couldn’t perform my original job description. This is why I came up with a fundraising event and a crowdfunding campaign and managed to gather around 500 euros and the campaign was shared almost 200 times on social media.

You can find more about my work there, HERE.