Tara National Park has many things to offer, which is why tourists as well as locals like to spend time there. Its relaxing nature, fresh air and outdoor experiences are enough to make anyone have a good time.

In the following we have listed the main activities, places to see and some useful information about nearby restaurants, shops, gas stations and hotels.


We can’t think of a better place for hiking then the National Park Tara. It is heavily forested and thus, known as the lungs of Serbia so freshness of the air is unparalleled. Add two lakes, few rivers, creeks and springs to the mix and what you end up getting is a hiking heaven.

There are almost 300 km marked paths and many improvements regarding education and infrastructure have been completed in last few years to make make them even safer and more enjoyable for hikers.

We recommend for you to visit the Tourist Information Office in the center of Bajina Bašta for maps and personal recommendations, especially if you haven’t visited the area before.

You can find the Google Map coordinates for the office HERE.

You can find all hiking tracks HERE.

Breathtaking viewpoints

One of the most interesting things about National park Tara is how many panorama viewpoints you can find within. All of them mesmerising and amazing in their own way. The most famous one is Banjska Stena but the decision which one is the most beautiful we will leave entirely up to you.

We made our own list of some of our favourites viewpoints (including nearby areas) and their coordinates you can find HERE.

Panorama point on the way from Belgrade to Bajina Basta

Horse riding

Horse riding on Tara has gained popularity in the last few years and it’s no wonder why. Mix of dreamy forests, open fields and intoxicating fresh air makes it perfect home for horses. There are several horse farms within the national park with affordable prices so we recommend you to explore them. The prices vary between 2,00-12,00 euros.

In the neighbourhood of the apartments we rent (more info on this HERE) and Crnjeskovo viewpoint there is one we think highly of ‘Konjički klub Dora’.

The Google Map coordinates for the horse farm can be found, HERE.
horse riding on tara

Other activities

As you can imagine, the list of activities doesn’t stop there. Isolated location of the national park and intact nature within give a great base to explore it in various ways. Here’s a few more activities that stand out.


As mention above, the national park has two lakes and beautiful river Drina nearby. Professionals and tourists come from far away to test their skills on fishing. While for fishing on river Drina you need specific permissions, you don’t need them for lake Perućac and lake Zaovine. Famous spots are “Spaići” and “Beli Rzav”. Some species that you can catch here are catfish, carp, pike and trout.

You can find more information about this HERE.


National park Tara currently has three official and marked cycling tours. They use existing public and forest roads and can be used as hiking routs as well.

These tracks are a part of wider Western Serbia biking routes network and more info about them you can find HERE.

Bear watching

Yes, you read it correctly! National park Tara is host for over 50 brown bears, the largest species of bears in Europe. You have a unique opportunity to admire them in their biggest natural habitat in Serbia from safe, specially designed observation hides.

Get more information HERE.


For people who like to be on the water, National park Tara is a holy place. Two beautiful lakes and the clearest river in this part of Europe offer so much. You can take a boat ride on lake Perućac and explore either the lake itself or take the ride all the way to Višegrad, test kayaking and rafting at river Drina, stand up paddle boarding on lake Zaovina and much more.

Rafting on river Drina

Restaurants on Tara

Kafana Kurta – you can find their website HERE and Google Map coordinate HERE

Hotel Javor – you can find their website HERE and Google Map coordinate HERE

Restaurant Jeremicak – you can find their Google Map coordinate HERE

Shops on Tara

There is only one small grocery store on Tara. Thus, it’s more convenient to buy everything you need from the grocery stores in Bajina Bašta.

Trgovinska Radnja Narcis – you can find the Google Map coordinate HERE

Hotels on Tara

Omorika – you can find their website HERE and Google Map coordinate HERE

Hotel Javor – you can find their website HERE and Google Map coordinate HERE

Beli Bor – you can find their website HERE and Google Map coordinate HERE

Gas stations on Tara 

There is only one gas/petrol station on Tara.

This is the following;

MIF Petrol/Gas Station – you can find their website HERE and Google Map coordinate HERE