The map for the wedding day

The wedding day has 4 locations. There will be a private bus transportation for all international guest free of charge so everything is nice and simple. The route of the bus is explained in the following.

We have attached the map just for your information if you are, for example, planning to stay elsewhere than the hotel and want to know what places are close by.

  1. Zepter Hotel Drina. The bus will pick up all international guests from the hotel in the center of Bajina Basta. Address: Zepter Hotel Drina Vojvode Mišića 5, Bajina Bašta. (Google map coordinate, HERE)
  2. Apartments Milic in National Park Tara. Lunch on our newly finished mountain house. Address: Apartmani Milic, Mala Reka (Google map coordinate, HERE)
  3. Banjska Stena – wedding ceremony. (Google map coordinate, HERE)
  4. Restaurant Vrelo – Wedding apero. (Google map coordinate, HERE)
  5. Zepter Hotel Drina – Wedding reception. 

*disregard the timing in the map as is not correct

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