Accommodation options in Belgrade

Belgrade has many accommodation options from high-end hotels to modern and affordable hostels.

If you are traveling in a group or with family, you might want to book a full apartment from AirBnb or The apartment prices vary, but often enough, you can rent a full apartment with multiple bedrooms for around 50 euro a day.

The most convenient areas to stay are Stari Grad (old Belgrade), Slavija and Vracar. These are close to our apartment – we live near the Hilton hotel, so just type that in your Google Maps. From these places you can easily get to the bus/train station, walking/shopping street Knez Mihailova and the city centre in general.

In the following are some examples of places to stay, depending on your price range. Note that all the following are also on if you prefer to book that way. Feel free to ask me about other recommendations whilst booking!

High-end options

Hilton Hotel (around 120 euro for 2 people, including spa and sauna access)

Moskva Hotel (around 120 euro for 2 people, including spa access)

Metropol Palace (around 140 euro for 2 people)

Marriott Hotel (around 140 euro for 2 people)

Medium range:

Argo Hotel (around 50 euro for 2 people)

Marquise Hotel (around 50 euro for 2 people)

Park hotel (around 50 euro for 2 people)

Mark Hotel (around 70 euro for 2 people with breakfast)

The most affordable options:

Good People Design Hostel (around 25 euro for 2 people)

Nomad Luxury Suites (around 40 euro for 2 people)

*The prices can vary depending on the time of the year