We would both like to welcome you to our special day on the 4th of July 2020. It would mean the world to us if you were there to celebrate with us.

This wedding is all about cultures uniting as we are coming from completely different backgrounds and so are the guests. We’re inviting guests from different parts of the world and will look forward to having a great time with everyone. Thus, this won’t be a regular wedding, we’re taking bits and pieces from each tradition and mixing them together. 

The wedding takes place in a beautiful natural park in Western Serbia (Bajina Basta area).

Serbia is a beautiful country in central Europe, close to Hungary, Greece and Croatia, to mention a few. It is rich in culture, nature, nightlife and cousiné. It is a very affordable and safe travel destination and we encourage you to take the most of the trip by staying a few extra days.

As most of our guests will be traveling to the wedding destination from elsewhere, we will be offering information about Serbia, travel tips, accommodation and must-see places. If you have any questions at any point, please feel free to reach out.

The wedding ceremony

The wedding location is around 3 hours away from Belgrade. Marko’s family is from this area and thus, it has become very familiar to us. Tourists from all over the world come and visit this naturistic part of Serbia.

The wedding ceremony will be on one of the most famous viewpoints in Serbia, called Banjska Stena. The walk there is through a path in nature but it is quite easy (see video) because it sees tourists on the daily basis and the road is wide (around 200 meter walk). There have been a handful of wedding ceremonies in the past.

You can see the video below for more.

The wedding apéro 

After the ceremony we will will have apéro (= canapés, drinks, music and socialising) for a little while at restaurant called Vrelo which is on top of a beautiful waterfall. There is an inside and outside area, depending on the weather. Parking is right next to the restaurant and easily accessible with prams etc.

Vrelo waterfalls

The wedding reception 

The wedding reception is at the Zepter hotel in Bajina Basta. There we will have the official agenda, dinner, drinks, a band and a DJ.

We also recommend our guests to accommodate in this hotel so after the party it’s easy just to walk into the rooms. There will also be a discount for the wedding guests from the price of the rooms. You can find more about it at the end of this invitation.

You can see more in this video, just make a note that the hotel is the first one mentioned, not the second one. Also they have featured many local sights that you have an opportunity to visit during your time here.

Agenda for the wedding day

Lunch at Apartment Milic at the National Park Tara
Wedding ceremony in Banjska Stena
Apero at restaurant Vrelo
Wedding reception at Hotel Zepter

*exact timetable will be announced later

What next?

At the end of this invitation you can find accommodation options for Belgrade as well as Western Serbia. In addition, there are information about transportation to Serbia and within Serbia so you can inform yourself.

After this initial invitation I’ll be sending you more information about must-see sights in Serbia, in case you have a few more extra days around the wedding. We’ll organise different activities throughout the wedding week but the agenda for that will be sent later on. 

I will be sending you a questionnaire asking about food restrictions, phone numbers, addresses and other important information later on.


Please let us know by the end of February if you are/ aren’t coming to our wedding so we can make final arrangements accordingly. 

More information

How to get to Serbia from Finland?

AirSerbia is flying direct flights from Helsinki to Belgrade. The flight time is around 2 hours. These direct flights from Helsinki to Belgrade are operated three times a week. If you cannot find a direct flight, there are multiple options with short layovers in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland etc. for every week.

How to get to Serbia from Australia?

If you’re planning to travel low-cost, Scoot Airlines is traveling to Europe. The closest country is Greece and there you can get a connecting flight.

Otherwise, most European countries have flights to Serbia on a daily basis.

I’m not sure how to get to Serbia, what should I do?

If you need any help in organising your flights, just reach out to us and we will help you!

Where to stay in Belgrade?

Take a look at the accommodation options we’ve listed, HERE.

Where to stay in Western Serbia (Bajina Basta)?

You have the option to stay at the hotel where the wedding reception will take place for a discounted price. More information about this can be found, HERE.

How to get from Belgrade to the wedding venue?

The location of the wedding is around 3 hours drive from Belgrade. We are organising a private bus transportation from Belgrade to Bajina Basta. This will be around 10 euro per person. If you are arriving earlier/later than others, we can call you a cab that fits max. 4 people. This will be 50 euro per cab (12.5 euro per person). In addition, there are local buses daily to the destination and back.

How to get from Belgrade Airport to the city centre?

The Belgrade Airport is around 30 minutes drive away from the city center. You can take the airport shuttle which is around 2 euros (only cash). Last stop is only 300m from our place and in front of Hilton hotel. You can also take the cab. The price of cab should be around 20 euro. Your hotel might also arrange transportation so take a look. If we’re free, we might also be able to pick you up.

I’m arriving to Belgrade earlier than the wedding, are there any plans?

Yes! We are doing our best to get time off work so that we are able to spend time with everyone throughout the week. Just let us know when you are arriving and we can make plans.

There are multiple locations on the wedding day, is the transportation organised?

There will be 4 locations on the wedding day, the distances between each is around a 20-minute drive. We will organise a private bus transportation for all international guests for free of charge so you don’t have to worry about it. (Zepter Hotel – Tara – Banjska Stena – Restaurant Vrelo – Zepter Hotel).

You can find the exact map with addresses and distances about the wedding, HERE.

Wedding cruise on the lake Perucac

We will organise a short cruise on the Lake Perucac free of charge (near Bajina Basta and Vrelo) on the 3rd of July. There are also many opportunities for swimming so bring your swimsuits. The boat will fit 60 people so reserve your spot soon by letting us know.

Lunch on the wedding day

We will organise lunch on the wedding day at National Park Tara at our mountain house. This is the first stop where all guests will meet each other. From here we will go together to the ceremony. 

What should I bring as a wedding gift?

We have a honeymoon fund that we’d hope to build up. We can provide you with account information later on or if you prefer cash that is also okay with us.

What is there to see in Serbia?

These sights are just examples of what you are about to see on your trip to Belgrade and Western Serbia. 

I’ll be making a guide of all my favourite attractions so you can pick the ones you want to see during your time here.

Talk to you soon and see you at the wedding!

Lots of love, Jasmiina and Marko


Please let us know by the end of February if you are/ aren’t coming to our wedding so we can make final arrangements accordingly.