This is my guide to street art in Belgrade and the exact locations in case you’d like to visit them.

Before we start, I want you to know that Belgrade is a complete mixture of things. It has its beautiful old architectural buildings and then it has its dull, grey and quite frankly, ugly parts. They are all blended together. You never know which street you’re about to walk into.

I find that the creative graffiti artwork is really lightening up the city and giving it the attitude and identity it deserves without coming off as pretentious. After all, what we love about the city is its honesty – nothing was created just to seem hipster-like or cool. It’s not existing to follow a trend or a fad, everything is its own creation. Everything is raw, truthful and honest. The rusticity is real. The contradictions are real. The street art is real. The attitude is real.

There’s meaning in it all.

Okay, let’s get on it!


Savamala is home of the indie bars and clubs, the street art reflects that! It is extremely colourful and interesting, definitely one of my top picks!

It is near the Belgrade Waterfront so you can easily visit both places while you’re at it.


Dorcolmala is the new and upcoming area for bars and clubs, it’s right next to Skadarlija, so if you’re around there, definitely check that out as well. Most of the wall art in this area is part of a government initiative but some are spontaneous graffitis. 

Belgrade Waterfront

The Waterfront will be the place to be but right now it is still under construction. Currently, they are building many super fancy apartments, restaurants and shops there. Despite that, there’s pretty cool art all around, just walk from the Old Bridge (Stari most) all the way to Beton Hala. Under Stari most is this huge beautiful blue piece, it is a must-see!

Lower Dorcol

This area is near Slatkoteka, the famous doughnut place. It has several professional colourful pieces right next to each other. There’s also a school nearby that has quite interesting artwork on it.


Skadarlija is one of the oldest parts of the city and has become very popular among tourists. The houses were painted in the 70s. Some of the actual doors and windows have been included in the paintings making it 3D-like. Technically this is not street art but it didn’t feel right of not to include it!


Blaznavac is a cafe/bar that has the most interesting decor from a horse carriage to an old sewing machine and even a flying elephant! And the walls, just WOW! Again, this is basically not graffiti but at least I appreciated the feel-good paintings.

City center

Some of the street art is created through governmental initiatives, some to make the neighbourhood look nicer and some are just propaganda. Here are my picks from the city center, right next to the new shopping center Rajiceva.

Brankov bridge & Red cross

This piece from Blu is quite a famous one, it locates near the Brankov bridge and there are many more when you walk down the stairs towards Savamala.

In addition, there are several colourful ones near Red cross, near the Cross restaurant.

Flower square (Cvetni Trg)

This is my hood! There are several spots around the flower square that you should definitely visit. Just a street behind the Hilton Hotel there is this massive full-wall painting and the school nearby has a Little Prince on it!

These ‘Go vegan’ initiatives are all around the city so you can catch this cow, fox or a chick pretty much anywhere very easily. Their message is quite clear and you’ll be able to understand if you have visited Serbia – meat happens to be an integral part of the culture.

Random places around the city

I snapped these images some time ago but cannot recall where exactly they are, if you happen to remember just send me a message so I can include the names!

So, that concludes my guide to street art in Belgrade, I hope you enjoyed it! It would be great if you could let me know if you found it useful or if you have some suggestions for places I haven’t visited yet and are missing from this guide so I could add them in.

You can expect a follow-up blog post about street art in New Belgrade, I’ll be doing that sometime soon.

Until next time!