Belgrade is full of excellent dessert places (trust me I love a good sugar rush) and I’m kinda addicted to sweets since I was three years old. In this post, I gathered 7 of my ultimate favourites that you should give a go if you’re around the city. I’m talking about doughnuts, cakes, ice creams, milkshakes and more!

Dolce by Tintolino

Imagine transforming Alice in Wonderland into a café. This is exactly what Dolce by Tintolino is like! A wonderland of cakes, bunnies and incredible décor. Just magical.

They offer a variety of drinks, such as teas, coffees, milkshakes and cocktails but most importantly, incredible cakes! As soon as you walk in you see the beautiful custom-made cakes, cupcakes and gelato ice cream. I ordered the cutest piggy cake and a dark chocolate milkshake. The second time I indulged myself with a fluffy heart-shaped cake…

The best thing about this place is definitely the atmosphere. Even before walking in you can see the green garden and luxury outerior. Inside is mostly white and gold with mixed pastels. The most memorable element for me is the bunny ears on the chairs, I’ve never seen anything like it! It took me to Disneyland immediately.

Dolce by Tintolino Krunska 48, Vracar and Strahinjica Bana 17


Slatkoteka is my absolute favourite doughnut place. The doughnuts look amazing and taste even better! They have creations from unicorns to rainbows, churros, pigs, emojis and more. They come in all different tastes from Nutella, Toblerone, all other kinds of chocolates, fruits, cinnamon, vanilla etc. You can order special editions for birthdays or parties. I ordered some unicorn ones for my friend’s bachelorette party and they were a smashing hit!

The place itself is super tiny but full of personality. It’s covered with pastel colours and fun details. It only fits a couple of people but most people have them as a takeaway. There’s a park nearby so you can enjoy the krofnas there.

Slatkoteka Višnjićeva 5, Beograd and Katolička porta 2, Novi Sad

Crna Ovca

There are many ice cream places all around Belgrade (trust me, this is not an overstatement) but Crna Ovca (black sheep) is one of the best. They handmake all of their ice creams and most of their ingredients, which make them unique. Their flavours are so fresh it’s like you’re eating actual raspberries, lemons, chocolate or whatever you happen to pick on your cup. They have a bunch of fruity flavours (lemon, lime or rasberry that are good for those with food allergies) as well as rich flavours from coffee to chocolates and interesting ones such as white chocolate and strawberries with balsamic.

The branding of Crna Ovca is quirky and fun, the face of the place is a black sheep. The website is super cool and so is the place. I definitely recommend it.

Crna Ovca, Kralja Petra 58

Al Pachinka

Al Pachinka is based on a such a cool concept! Firstly, you need to know that the name is a fun combination of Al Pacino and palachinka (Serbian for a pancake). Together it makes Al Pacino themed desserts! They are offering the craziest bubble waffles and doughnut burgers that are filled with everything that you can ever imagine – Nutella, Oreos, plasma, Kinder chocolate, ice cream, whipped cream, M&Ms, strawberries, bananas, biscuits… The list goes on. You can make your own combination!

Moreover, I need to mention that the place is as witty as it’s the name – there is a tv in the background playing an Al Pacino movie Scarface without sound and the subtitles are all about desserts. The combination is hilarious!

The only minus I would give to this dessert place is that it doesn’t have a seating area, so you have to order takeaway, which is fine as there is a park behind the building and you can enjoy your dessert there.

Al Pachinka, Prizrenska 15, Beograd 11000

Ferdinand Knedle

Is it a doughnut or is it a cake? No one knows! But it is awesome! They are sort of cake or doughnut-like balls with a filling – dumplings, some call them. The outer tastes vary greatly and the fillings also. We had a chocolate one filled with raspberries, a chocolate one filled with Nutella and a pistachio one. They also have Oreo, coconut, Ferrero Rocher and even savoury flavours. They have multiple very cute locations around Belgrade so definitely check them out.

Ferdinand Knedle, Cara Lazara 19, Gavrila Principa 58 and Zorana Đinđića 12b

I Scream Rolls

I Scream Rolls (ice cream rolls), get it? This is a cool ice cream stand on the food court of Delta City shopping centre. The technique to make these rolls is quite interesting. First, you pick a flavour for your ice cream, then decide what other flavours you want in it e.g. Nutella, Jaffa cookies, Oreo, fruits, cornflakes, rum etc. Then the ingredients are all mixed together and placed on a cold plate. It freezes the ice cream so that it can be scraped off as rolls. They look pretty cool too, wouldn’t you agree?

I Scream Rolls, Delta City Blg

Hotel Moscow (Hotel Moskva)

I have to mention the Hotel Moscow on this list. It is one of the oldest hotels in Belgrade and a famous landmark. In addition, it has an excellent dessert menu including traditional Serbian kinds. I tried the chocolate bomb the first time and ended up having it the next three… okay, four times because it is just so good! It’s filled with chocolate ice cream, chocolate and vanilla pudding, plasma cookie crumbs and chia seeds. It might sound like a weird combination but seriously, it works!

Most of my friends here say that the Hotel Moskva is a meeting place of their grandparents but I don’t really agree on that as it has a nice atmosphere enjoyed by people of all ages. Many tourists spend their time there also. Often, there is a live pianist playing outside, so you can listen to beautiful music while eating your dessert in a Russian-like decor from a few centuries ago.

Hotel Moskva, Terazije 20, Beograd

I made a YouTube video of the TOP 5 dessert restaurants in Belgrade!

So, there you have it, my best picks for dessert places in and around Belgrade. I hope you will visit them and enjoy as much as me!

As an end note, I made a YouTube video about my Top 5 dessert restaurants, take a look!