Banjska Stena

One of the tourists favourite places to visit! This panorama point is very famous and an absolute must-see. It is directly on top of river Drina and lake Perucac but in a 1000-meter altitude!

The Google Map coordinates for Banjska Stena can be found, HERE.

Kozija Stena (‘Goat Rock’)

This one is for the brave ones… If you are driving from Lake Perucac to Mitrovac, make sure to have a short pitstop on the small lookout place on top of a huge rock. You can see the Lake Perucac and river Drina from high altitude, as well as the dam. This is really beautiful during the summer months but not in winter, as the rock can be slippery.

The Google Map coordinates for the viewpoint can be found, HERE.

Gate of Podrinje

Gate of Podrinje is a magical panorama point which works as the entrance for the River Drina. This is one of the most breathtaking views of the hills, small villages and nature. This spot locates just before the town of Bajina Bašta.

The Google Map coordinates for Gate of Podrinje can be found, HERE.

Gate of Podrinje at night

Crnjeskovo Observation Deck

Crnjeskovo has a 2000-meter clearly marked walking path towards a panorama viewpoint. The path goes through a dreamy forest with high pine trees, it’s a must-see.

After you finish your hike, you can stop at a church where you can also buy some local honey and other goodies.

The Google Map coordinates for Crnjeskovo can be found, HERE.

Crnjeskovo in summer