Have you ever a spent a night on a lake house (riverboat) floating completely on water?

At least I was not before I travelled to Lake Perucac, near Bajina Basta in the Western part of Serbia.

I really did not know what to expect the first time my boyfriend told me about their family lake house. When I finally visited it, I understood that these lake houses are quite equivalent to Finnish summer cottages, except they are completely floating on water.

How cool is that!

Our weekend was so great and the weather was totally on our side! We started by picking (well.. stealing haha) a few fresh pieces of corn from a nearby cornfield to be grilled later on. The afternoon we spend jumping straight to the water from the deck and sunbathing. Later on, we explored the lake by the boat that we used to get onto the house. The evening we spent watching the sun go down between two of the biggest mountains.

River house on the lake Perucac
fresh corn

The best part about our trip was the location. Just take a moment to appreciate the mountains that belong to Serbia (left) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (right). The colour of the water and the size of the mountains just make it impossible not to enjoy the views!

To be honest, I am not a full-on nature enthusiast. I pick heels over sneakers quite often. Thus, I recall the last time I spent a night outside in a tent I was probably around 10 years old when my mum had convinced me that becoming a scout was the thing for me. Despite that I’ve noticed that we tend to travel to nature more often now that we live in a city, just to disconnect from the constant buzz and to take care of our mindfulness.

Take a look at the video I made about the day for more!


What it is really like to spend a weekend on a riverboat on the Lake Perucac?

Take a look at the YouTube video I made about the day for more!

In my opinion, this place is definitely for excitement seekers but also for those that value a bit of comfort in a modest environment. If you’re like me and you prefer beds over sleeping bags, this is the place to be.

Obviously, spending a night on the lake is completely weather dependent, so during the winter, it’s just not possible as there is no heating. However, during the summer there’s no need for heating as the nights are warm which means that a short stay as a weekend getaway is a great option.

Do you want to spend your weekend on the riverboat?

If you’re interested to spend some time on the lake house, just take a look at the availabilities and other details right here or read received reviews below!

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