Are you planning to drive from Belgrade to Bajina Bašta or the National park of Tara? If you want to avoid taking the bus and rent a car instead, you might find these driving instructions useful. I get it, not everyone wants to go by bus, it takes way longer than driving and you have no option to stop at the main panorama point.

On a good day, the drive can take no less than 2.5 hours, taking into consideration that I’ve always travelled with my boyfriend who knows the roads by heart. On a snowy day, the drive can take a bit longer, anywhere around 3 hours. I would suggest scheduling less than 4 hours with stops and all, that should give you a reasonable estimate of how long it will take. The distance itself is not so long (around 200km) but the roads are not new the and the hill near the destination also slows it down.

From Nikola Tesla Airport (Beograd) to Bajina Bašta

When exiting the Nikola Tesla Airport near Belgrade towards the north for 1,75km – please keep to your left on the first intersection (follow the directions for Нови Сад/Ср. Митровица).

This will lead you to the E-70 (A3) highway which you will follow for 2,4km towards the A1 intersection.

To get to the right direction on the A1 highway, please follow the road signs for Niš/Ниш and Čačak/Чачак – you will drive under the intersection and see a small sign showing Niš/Ниш pointing the exit to the right. On top of the A1 intersection please keep it to your left (do not follow the new exit for Beograd on the right).

Follow the A1 highway for 8.1km and after that take the exit towards A2 that will be on your right. Continue on the A2 for 55km and just before the Lajkovac city take the right exit toward the Route 27 (follow the signs for the city Valjevo).

Follow this road ( Route 27) for 22.5km towards the city of Valjevo. Follow the same road through the city (road signs towards Bajina Bašta and Loznica) until you get to the T intersection at the end of the road and then you need to turn left (follow the sign for Bajina Bašta and Loznica again). This will get you on the Route 170. You need to keep it to your right (follow the sign to Bajina Bašta) from the small intersection in 450m.

Follow this road for 60,2km – follow the signs for Bajina Bašta (most of it will be across the beautiful mountain Povlen also called the ‘fat hill’, so expect a lot of climbs, hairpin turns and weather changes).

On the bottom of the mountain, you will have an intersection – straight to Loznica and left to Bajina Bašta. Please go left and after you cross the small bridge you will have an additional intersection – left to Rogačica and right to Bajina Bašta. Please keep it to you right and you will arrive at your destination!

From Bajina Bašta to National Park of Tara

When you get to Bajina Bašta, please follow the road signs for mountain Tara (Cyrillic – Tapa).

The trip from the city center to the mountain shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

By city center, I mean the crossroad of the streets Svetosavska and Kneza Milana Obrenovica. From there you need to follow Svetosavska street for about 1,5km until you see the sign Višegrad/Kremna straight up and Rača on your right. Here you need to keep it to your left and keep climbing.

Now you can just follow the main road for about 12,5km and you will arrive at mountain Tara.

I wish you a safe drive!