Ammouliani Island in Halkidiki Greece – Top Vacay Destination

Ammouliani island in Halkidiki Greece

How we even ended up on this beautiful island of Ammouliani was a complete coincidence, hang in there and I will explain!

Firstly, I had booked a 2-night stay up in Nea Vrasna (about an hour away) because it was one of the only places still available. However, after arrival we realised the place is catered mainly for families with kids – it has a very long beach which kids love (as well as my fiancé).

What really rocked the boat was the fact that there was no good seafood restaurants (we’re seafood maniacs you see). Even the locals recommended pizza places. 

So, starting from there our lovely Airbnb host suggested Ammouliani! Big thanks to her!

Take a look my YouTube video below to see exactly what I’m talking about!

What is the best beach in Ammouliani?

Hands down my ultimate favourite was the Alikes beach!

The water is all shades of blue and green as well as absolutely clean and clear. The sand is white and beach is long enough for different beach bars.

The whole experience was just beyond relaxing and water was in perfect temperature for swimming.

The umbrellas are either owned by private people, meaning that you can use them if you are renting accommodation from them but the ones owned by the bars are mostly free, except the front row that seems to be the most popular.

This beach is about a kilometer away from the port. 

Alikes beach ammouliani island

Compared to other popular Greek islands, this one is TINY! It is only about 5 square kilometers and it is the only inhabited island in Halkidiki.

This, however, didn’t bother me and I would love to come here again next year! 

Actually, that was one of the reasons why it became one of my favourite Greek islands to visit. First of all, it’s not totally packed with tourists and distances are not long.

What I mean by all of this is that of course it is touristy, but not so that you wouldn’t be able to swim properly or find a parking spot. Also, you don’t have to queue to places like in Santorini or Mykonos… 

However, if you’re into more historic places or want to have a great night out, this is most likely not the place to be. Just sayin’.

Cocktail on Alikes beach

My favourite restaurant for a lunch or a dinner

Let’s be honest, we had troubles in finding good restaurants throughout this holiday. Sometimes we were lazy to check Tripadvisor and sometimes the reviews just didn’t match the quality of the food. The worst!

BUT in this island it was spot on!

The name of our favourite restaurant is Taverna Tzanis. It locates quite near the port and is overlooking the sea. The food is just delicious, the seafood is fresh and they make sure every dish has lots of flavour. 

What is great that they do mention on the menu if something is frozen so they are really transparent about it. However, most of the seafood is fresh.

We ordered mussels in tomato sauce, Greek salad (yes, we order one every day while in Greece lol), grilled octopus and saganaki with seafood.

Everything was excellent!

Greek salad

How to get to the Ammouliani Island?

Take a look at the map below and let me explain!

The island exists under one of the ‘three fingers’ of the Halkidiki Peninsula. 

If you look at Thessaloniki, for example, the island is about a two-hour drive away. The tricky thing is that you can’t get there only via driving, you must take the ferry (watch YouTube video).

The ferry is relatively small and most likely will fall short and not everyone will fit as the queues can get quite long during the summer months. The good thing is that the ferry departs around every 20 minutes so the wait shouldn’t be too long. The ferry ride costs 2.5€/person and 10€/car. 

We drove there from Nea Vrasna which is about an hour away. The roads are in relatively good condition and easy to follow so no hassles there. 

I’d be super eager in coming back here next year as well it was that good of an experience. Who knows, maybe we even take a few friends or family with us! 

Now tell me, have you been here or in some other Greek island and how was your experience? I’d love to know! 🙂

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