Hey there! I’m Jasmiina – storyteller, traveler and photographer with a creative mind. I help other restless souls in travel-related topics, such as culture shocks, working, volunteering and studying abroad as well as other travel-related stuff.

The first time I moved abroad I didn’t settle for the easiest solution but flew across the world for few years from Finland to Australia.

I fell in love with traveling – the butterflies in my stomach, being a stranger to everybody and exploring things that I couldn’t imagine before.

Fast forwarding from those days, I have now visited, lived, studied, volunteered, loved (the list goes on…) over 20 countries.

I have a ton of experiences that I wish I knew before I moved abroad the first time. This is why I’ve decided to share them with you through Passport Goals!

And just randomly about me:

  • I have a Master’s degree in Marketing
  • I write content and design websites for a living
  • I love everything creative – painting, DIY and photography
  • I set up my first business when I was 7 by building a ‘museum’ in my parents’ garage
  • I’m a foodie and eat with my eyes so I love to eat anything that looks amazing!

MORE IMPORTANTLY! I want to get to know YOU! My favourite thing about this online world is the amazing travelers I get to meet and help. Whether you just want to have a chat or ask a few questions, my inbox is always open! Get in touch at info@passportgoals.com or drop me a line below.